Sample Tweets: #100DaysofFreedom

Use hashtags: #100DaysforFreedom #FreeThemAll

Tweets for Community Members
Tien Pham is a Vietnamese refugee who survived war. When he arrived in the US, he did everything he could to survive. After his release, he was transferred to ICE. Tien should be released and reunited with his family during the deportation moratorium #FreeTien #100DaysforFreedom

During the wildfire season, Kao Saelee, a Mien refugee who fled during the Vietnam war, kept Californians safe. ICE should release Saelee during the deportation moratorium family so he can be with his family. #FreeSaelee now! #100DaysforFreedom

Melvin Jimenez is a father who’s detained by ICE and unable to support his wife who’s hospitalized from COVID-19. Melvin’s entire unit has also shown COVID symptoms and @ICEgov needs to #FreeMelvin NOW to protect the health of him & his family! #100DaysforFreedom

Pin Luon is detained thousands of miles away from his loved ones in Aurora, Colorado. During the pandemic, his health continues to be at heightened risk due to his asthma. @ICEgov must release Pin so he can be safe at home with his family! #100DaysforFreedom

Walter Cruz’s story shows the gross injustice & inhumanity of the criminal legal & immigration systems. He has been held in ICE custody for 3+ years, despite winning his immigration case twice. Help us #FreeWalterCruz now, @USAO_NDCA @ICEgov @potus @vp! #100DaysforFreedom

Mario Ramos, is a devoted son, brother, & community member currently detained by ICE after serving 10 yrs in prison. Instead of being reunited w/his family, Mario is facing double punishment.@ICEgov must release Mario to the care of his loved ones & community! #100DaysforFreedom

Quoc Le was born in war-torn Vietnam & spent his childhood in a refugee camp in Thailand. Quoc was granted parole but is now in ICE custody. If released, Quoc plans to finish college & pursue his passion of tech. @ICEgov #FreeQuoc to his community & family. #100DaysForFreedom

Khanh Le arrived 40 years ago as a refugee from Vietnam & has built a life in Yuba County. He suffers from hypertension & his life is endangered each day he remains detained. We demand that Khanh is released in the care of his loved ones! #100DaysforFreedom #FreeKhanh

Gabby Solano is an immigrant DV survivor who could be reunited with her loved ones after 20 years of incarceration. Sign petition to urge @GavinNewsom to intervene and stop her transfer to ICE! #FreeGabby #ProtectImmigrantSurvivors #StopICEtransfers

Marco Munoz, is a devoted family man, father of four, electrician, honor roll student, & churchgoer. @ICEgov is threatening to deport Marco to Mexico though he’s lived in the U.S. since he was 1 yr old. Call ICE to #FreeMarco! #100DaysforFreedom

Angel De Jesus Benito Santos , is a beloved father & community member who has been detained in Aurora ICE facility for 3+ yrs. & separated thousands of miles from his loved ones. @ICEgov must release Angel to the care of his family & community! #FreeAngel #100DaysforFreedom

General Tweets
During @JoeBiden’s first 100 days in office, he should direct @ICEgov to release our community members like Tien Pham, Kao Saelee, Pin Luon, Walter Cruz, Melvin Jimenez, Gabby Solano, Mario Ramos and many more. Make calls for freedom at: #100DaysforFreedom

Despite ordering ICE to pause deportations for 100 days, @JoeBiden has allowed ICE to continue arrests from jails & prisons – creating even more dangerous conditions in detention during COVID. We demand @ICEgov release our communities! #100DaysforFreedom

When @JoeBiden leaves out incarcerated immigrants from immigration protections, he ignores how racism is rooted in the targeting & detention of Black & POC immigrants. Over the next 100 days, join us for #100DaysforFreedom so that immigrants most on the margins can come home.

During @JoeBiden’s first 100 days in office, ICE’s machinery has stayed intact. ICE can still arrest ppl w/previous convictions. Take action to demand the release of our ppl in ICE detention & join us to fight for ALL immigrants! #100DaysforFreedom #AbolishICE

ICE still has the authority to arrest immigrants under @JoeBiden’s 100-day deportation pause. People are more than their records and we will continue to fight for immigrants w/ previous convictions and demand their freedom.#100DaysforFreedom

In the midst of a global pandemic and 100-day deportation moratorium, @ICEgov continues to threaten our communities. We need to release people from detention to keep our families and communities together and safe. #100DaysforFreedom #FreeThemAll

.@JoeBiden’s 100-day deportation moratorium still allows ICE to arrest ppl who have completed their time in jail & prison. This leaves the most vulnerable immigrants to be caged again by ICE. We need #100DaysforFreedom to bring ppl home from dangerous ICE detention centers!

Even during a deadly pandemic and a deportation moratorium, @ICEgov continues detaining community members from jail/prisons. We need to release our loved ones to their communities for their health and survival! #100DaysforFreedom #FreeThemAll

Sample Tweets: #100DaysofFreedom
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