Sample Tweets: #ReleasesNow

OPTION 1: Vaccines won’t keep people safe in overcrowded prisons. It’s been over a year since the first confirmed COVID case inside a CA state prison. We need to prioritize incarcerated folks’ health and safety by granting access to vaccines, AND decarcerating prisons. 

OPTION 2: It’s been 1 year since the first COVID case inside a CA state prison & 20 CA prisons are operating above 100% capacity. Research shows that even high-efficacy vaccines will be significantly less effective in congregate settings like prisons. We need decarceration. #ReleasesNow

OPTION 3: “Reliance on vaccination alone seems unlikely to achieve necessary reductions in COVID-19 transmission in incarcerated populations… we already have… a policy tool that can stop the spread of Covid-19 in jails and prisons: decarceration.” @NEJM

OPTION 4: As of today, all of California’s 35 prisons have experienced at least one COVID-19 outbreak. Within CDCR, 49,222 incarcerated people have tested positive for COVID-19 and 218 have lost their lives due to the virus. We must save lives. #ReleasesNow

OPTION 5: “Half of all incarcerated persons have at least one chronic disease. … With limited ability to protect themselves and others by self-isolating, hundreds of thousands of susceptible people are at heightened risk for severe illness.” #ReleasesNow

OPTION 6: “We believe that we need to prepare now, by “decarcerating,” or releasing, as many people as possible.” New England Journal of Medicine @NEJM #ReleasesNow #FlattenTheCurve

OPTION 7: Since its reinstatement in 1978 there have been 13 California State executions by the death penalty. In 1 year there have been 218 COVID-19 deaths in California State Prisons by deliberate indifference to the risk of substantial harm. #ReleasesNow

OPTION 8: “We therefore recommend that the prison population at San Quentin be reduced to 50% of current capacity (even further reduction would be more beneficial) via decarceration.”  #ReleasesNow

Sample Tweets: #ReleasesNow
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