Year: 2021

New “Good Conduct” Credits

New “Good Conduct Credits” were announced by CDCR and are effective as of May 1, 2021. Here’s a helpful breakdown of FAQS from Initiate Justice on the new credit earning percentages and how this may apply to your loved one’s remaining time before release or a parole hearing.

#OneYearLater, #StillNotSafe Toolkit

Background May 30th marked one year since the transfer of incarcerated people from CIM prison in Chino to San Quentin State Prison without proper testing or quarantining. Following the transfer, in a matter of weeks, San Quentin went from 0 known COVID cases to what quickly became the biggest COVID outbreak in the nation. In […]

San Quentin Habeas Evidentiary Hearing

The In re Von Staich decision sets an important precedent for the right of incarcerated people to be protected from harm in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic. On October 20, 2020, the First Appellate District Court of Appeal in California ordered the removal “of the number of prisoners necessary to reduce the population […]

Sample Tweets: #ReleasesNow

Twitter: OPTION 1: Vaccines won’t keep people safe in overcrowded prisons. It’s been over a year since the first confirmed COVID case inside a CA state prison. We need to prioritize incarcerated folks’ health and safety by granting access to vaccines, AND decarcerating prisons. 
#ReleasesNow OPTION 2: It’s been 1 year since the first COVID […]

Sign-On Letter: Calling for Releases after 1 Year of COVID in CA Prisons

The #StopSanQuentinOutbreak Coalition drafted a sign-on letter calling on Governor Newsom to deepen his commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of incarcerated people during the pandemic by granting large scale releases across California prisons. We argue that despite the importance of prioritized vaccines for incarcerated people, significant decarceration remains the only meaningful public health […]

California Prison Transfer Led to Dozens of Deaths and Endangered Thousands – State Watchdog

February 2, 2021 Abene Clayton Covid crisis report from office of the inspector general finds concerns of healthcare staff over May transfer were ignored. A hastily executed transfer of nearly 200 people in California’s prison system set off a public health disaster that endangered the lives of thousands of prisoners and staff and led to […]

“They Want to Do Me In”: The Incarcerated Person Who Fought COVID Overcrowding

February 8, 2021Kevin Sawyer, Filter Magazine In May, as COVID-19 loomed over incarcerated people across the country, Ivan Von Staich filed an administrative grievance to transfer out of the notoriously overcrowded 168-year-old San Quentin State Prison. In October, as a result, an appeals court ordered San Quentin to reduce its prison population by 50 percent. […]

Sign the Letter: Vaccines are not enough, Decarcerate NOW

As health professionals, students, and community advocates, we are devastated by the California Department of Corrections’ (CDCR) negligence to protect incarcerated people and demand CDCR follow the advice of public health and medical experts to urgently decarcerate their facilities while ensuring equitable access to the vaccine. BackgroundCalifornia prisons are home to the largest COVID-19 outbreaks […]

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