Year: 2021

Sample Tweets: #100DaysofFreedom

Use hashtags: #100DaysforFreedom #FreeThemAll Tweets for Community MembersTien Pham is a Vietnamese refugee who survived war. When he arrived in the US, he did everything he could to survive. After his release, he was transferred to ICE. Tien should be released and reunited with his family during the deportation moratorium #FreeTien #100DaysforFreedom During the wildfire […]


About The Biden Administration has ordered ICE to pause deportation removals for 100 days until May 2, 2021. Although Biden’s deportation moratorium has been temporarily stalled by a Texas judge, we’ll continue to call for urgent releases of individuals during Biden’s first 100 days in office. ICE has a gross history of medical negligence, poor […]

Release – don’t transfer – 50,000 medically vulnerable people from California prisons

November 25, 2020UCSF White Coats for Black Lives, SF Bayview On Oct. 1, Kathleen Allison was appointed secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) by Gov. Newsom in the midst of continuing COVID-19 outbreaks within state prisons. Since March 2020, over 15,500 incarcerated people have tested positive for COVID-19 in California’s state […]

San Quentin prison is fined $421,880 over deadly COVID-19 conditions; 28 incarcerated people and an officer died

February 5, 2021Richard Winton, LA Times San Quentin State Prison is facing the largest single penalty in the state over workplace safety violations for failing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, resulting in the deaths of 28 inmates and one correctional officer and a total of 2,200 confirmed cases. California’s oldest penitentiary was slapped with […]

State report details how botched transfers sparked ‘public health disaster’ at San Quentin

February 1, 2021Michael Williams California prison officials and medical staff sparked a “public health disaster” with their botched handling of prisoner transfers to San Quentin and Corcoran state prisons last year, the state’s Office of Inspector General said in a blistering report Monday. Prison operators also failed to contain the disaster after inmates starting falling […]

As COVID Surges Behind Bars in California, Why Is San Quentin Transferring Hundreds of People?

December 15, 2020Democracy Now! Prisons across the U.S. are facing their greatest swell in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Nearly a quarter-million incarcerated people in the U.S. have been infected with COVID-19, according to the Marshall Project, and advocates are pushing for incarcerated people to be prioritized in the country’s vaccine rollout. All of […]

OIG Fact Sheet

In April 2020, the Speaker of the Assembly requested the Office of theInspector General (the OIG) assess the policies, guidance, and directivesthe California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (thedepartment) had implemented since February 1, 2020, in response to thenovel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Specifically, the Speaker requested focus on three concerns: 1) the department’s screening process […]

Trapped in the Dungeon

February 5, 2021Adamu Chan, Slate San Quentin State Prison has been, for some time now, the site of the worst public health crisis in California’s history. As a newly released report by California’s Office of the Inspector General details, the state transferred incarcerated people from another prison into San Quentin without adequately testing them, seeding an outbreak […]

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