Covid19 in Prison Zine

About the Zine

 “Stories of Resilience and Solidarity” is a powerful zine that showcases artwork, writing, and reflections from currently incarcerated community members on the COVID-19 outbreak inside San Quentin State Prison. The zine will also document the organizing (inside and outside of prison walls) to call for large-scale releases across California prisons. 

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Project Goals

Amplify voices inside

Highlight the continued threat of overcrowded prisons and need for large-scale decarceration

Document the ongoing resistance to the impact of COVID-19 on incarcerated community members across California

Visually tell the story of the #StopSanQuentinOutbreak coalition and other inside-outside organizing efforts calling for releases for the past year

Meet Our Editors on the Inside


Photo by Peter Mertz

Mesro is an emcee, poet, and graffiti artist currently incarcerated at San Quentin. When asked why he felt it was important to edit/curate content for this project, he said

 “ I want to do my part in generating awareness surrounding this public health issue. Too often, voices like ours go ignored or get dismissed out right. This zine is tangible proof that those of us in these cell blocks are suffering too.”


My name is Tony, I am 31 and have been incarcerated for a decade. I am a loving member of my family and I cherish them over anything. I want to work with operation StoptheOutbreak because I feel it is important to share our truth and experiences whilst incarcerated and also dealing with the covid pandemic. Human rights and the value and worth of a human are paramount and  as someone who used to believe they had no value, I want to prove that compassion is for everyone. Not just the ones who write history, because if all stories are not told, how will anyone know happened. 


Photo by Peter Mertz

Marshall is the son of Oliver Sr. and Adjua, the brother of John, Randall, and Oliver Jr.. the father of Antoinette and Chris Jr., the grandfather of Justen, Joddy, and Bishop, the uncle of Jacob, Andre, Jordan, Christina, Thunder, Joshue, Ariya, Haley, Justen, Mikayla, and Harper, who hopes to share his love of the performing arts with his family and friends sooner vs. later. “It is important to be an editor of the ‘Stop San Quentin Outbreak Zine’ because I want to give voice to the voices that aren’t actually heard here in prison or on the outside. These are the voices of HUMAN BEINGS living their lives on their own terms in the LGBTQ community here in this prison. Be ready to listen”

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